Our new Head of Real Estate Management: Séline Panknin

Séline Quer Johannes

28 March 2023

Séline Panknin joined Kuoni Mueller & Partner Management AG in mid-March 2023 as Head of Real Estate Management. We wanted to know why she chose Kuoni Mueller & Partner and find out more about her responsibilities.

Why did you choose Kuoni Mueller & Partner?

I was very attracted by KM&P's corporate culture. Furthermore, it is important for me to work for a company that offers a high level of professionalism and excellent customer service as well as holistic real estate solutions - from management and marketing to development, valuation and consulting.

What are your responsibilities as head of real estate management?

In my role as Head of Real Estate Management, I am responsible for a diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and condominium properties. This is a very exciting task and I really enjoy interacting with the various stakeholders such as tenants, owners, authorities, etc. I am also responsible for personnel management. It's important to me to maintain a goal-oriented management approach at eye level to ensure that our employees are successful and motivated.

In your opinion, what are the most important trends in the real estate market that are currently having an impact on the management sector?

There are various trends in the real estate market which, in my opinion, have a major influence on management.

At the top of the list are the topics of sustainability and energy efficiency. More and more investors, owners and tenants are attaching importance to environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Digitalization is also playing an increasingly important role. The use of digital technologies and tools simplifies management and improves communication and transparency between stakeholders.

It is therefore particularly important for real estate owners and managers to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility and to adapt to constantly changing requirements. Be it changes of use that have arisen due to changing tenant needs (e.g. coworking spaces, socio-demographic changes, etc.) or the quick reaction due to economic changes and new legal regulations. These trends may vary by region and type of property. It is therefore important to monitor the evolution of the market.