Further services

Further services

It is efficient and relaxing at the same time if you can settle all real estate affairs with the same partner. We are at your disposal for property valuation, management, portfolio and asset management, acquisition and purchase.

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Do you want to know about the value of your property in the market environment? We know about all valuation methods and can present a clear picture for you. Learn more

Property Management

Do you want to free yourself from the daily business around your property but be sure that its potential is properly used? We would like to take the pressure off you. Learn more

Strategy & Consulting

Are you looking for a real estate partner with value increasing competences and creativity? You have arrived at the right address. Learn more

Portfolio and Asset-Management

Do you want to realise and make the most of your return potential? With the help of our analysis, we chart your short, middle, and long-term perspectives. Learn more

Search & Purchase

Are you looking for a residential, commercial or business property as capital investment? We provide attractive property investments across Switzerland. Learn more