The value of a building survey

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21 July 2021

Giving your properties regular check-ups can save you a lot of money. Deficiencies will be recognised in good time and you can avoid making flawed decisions when a lot of capital is at stake. Our knowledgeable managers and property experts draw on short, medium and long-term strategies to guarantee you maximum profitability.

Kuoni Mueller & Partner looks after numerous properties, which are regularly surveyed. According to construction experts, a building should undergo a detailed survey every 10 to 20 years. Detailed examination of the building structure and its technical and mechanical systems gives the property’s owners an overview of all the renovation and modernisation measures that become apparent.

What does a survey report contain?

When a survey report is drawn up, the building envelope – including the façade, roof, windows, doors, frames, balconies and any fall protection devices – will be examined. In addition to this, all technical and mechanical systems are surveyed, including heating, ventilation, sanitation, electricity and air-conditioning systems, as well as security and locking systems, lifts, and the condition of surfaces such as floors and walls in individual living units. On the outside, accessibility of communal facilities (parking spaces, signage and ramps) is also checked.

The condition of a building needs to be taken into account in its broader context

We consider the entire life cycle of a property, tailored to the various matters connected to it. This also involves indicators extending far beyond a property’s condition. In collaboration with property representatives, we attempt to develop solutions which also reduce operating costs, unoccupied properties and the like. We focus our attention on a property's potential. Is there potential to make better use of the property following a change in the rules on construction in a given area? Could the property yield a higher income if the floor plan were changed?

Delaying maintenance leads to higher costs in the long term

Property owners who invest very little in their properties over many years should be aware of the long-term consequences of this: a lack of maintenance may lead to properties being left unoccupied and therefore a loss of rental income. Aside from the fact that maintenance costs will rise year on year, as certain building components will have to be replaced completely rather than merely renovated, insurance companies may also stop covering claims beyond a given point in time.

Cost-benefit analysis shows profit potential for property owners

It is our duty as managers to show property owners how to preserve the value of their property or possibly add value to it. During a survey, our customers see which strategy we have in mind for their property and where its long-term potential for profit is to be found.

If you want to make the most of your property and have its condition evaluated in detail by one of real estate experts, get in touch!

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