New Partner: Tim Baumgartner

 Tim Baumgartner Quer

12 June 2023

Tim Baumgartner joined the investment team at Kuoni Mueller & Partner as an additional partner on 1st of June 2023. We wanted to know what brought him to KM&P and what goals he has set for himself.

When did you discover your passion for the real estate industry?

My enthusiasm for the real estate industry started more than fifteen years ago when I worked in cold calling for a nationwide brokerage firm during the early days of my history studies. It was not an easy school. Nevertheless, it made me catch the real estate fever.

Why did you choose Kuoni Mueller & Partner?

First of all, I am happy that KM&P has also chosen me!

Various aspects were decisive for my acceptance: I am enthusiastic about the great scope for action, which comes pretty close to self-employment and is certainly unparalleled in the industry. But KM&P's affiliation with the Julius Baer Group was also decisive, as it opens up interesting opportunities that can be expanded. Last but not least, I was convinced by my gut feeling - I felt a lot of positive energy from KM&P and Julius Baer, as well as a great deal of trust that was placed in me right from the start.

What are your goals as a partner in Transaction Management?

On the one hand, I would like to continue the excellent work in the area of sales of investment and business properties and at the same time try to expand this area in the best possible way. On the other hand, I would like to try to position KM&P a little more strongly in the area of acquisitions, especially of development properties.