Drivers and trends in the real estate market

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31 August 2021

How has the real estate market changed in recent years? What were and are the drivers of this change and how will real estate prices develop? Where do we stand today and what can be expected for the coming years?

The pandemic, digitalization, and the accompanying trend toward home offices have changed life models. This is also influencing the real estate market. Both the tenant and owner markets are experiencing very high demand, secondary residencies and vacation homes in mountain regions are booming, and rural areas have become more attractive.

The very high demand is also reflected in the price trend - prices for residential property in Switzerland have risen by around ten percent in the past twelve months and are currently at a very high level.

Dominik Weber, Managing Partner at Kuoni Mueller & Partner and Head Direct Real Estate at the private bank Julius Baer, explains in the current issue of "Women in Business" why, against this background, the single-family home is becoming the "dinosaur among properties" and building on greenfield sites is becoming a discontinued model.

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