Carmen Fehr

Besides her job, passionate marketer Carmen Fehr loves kickboxing. This pays off in her profession within the highly competitive office space market, where she operates with confidence and agility. She observes and knows how to strike at the right moment, having learnt her trade after starting at the bottom in sales at IBM, 30 years ago.

Her strengths

  • She operates with charm, skill, agility, and confidence in the local and international markets
  • Her concepts and ideas always successfully reach their desired target
  • She finds effective solutions for all involved partners with her powers of persuasion, assertiveness and her enjoyment in dealing with people
  • Nobody has ever seen her being knocked out. She arrives on the heels of her good reputation

Her areas of expertise

  • Marketing/letting of commercial properties
  • Consulting and searching for corporate real estate opportunities
  • Selling of apartment buildings and business properties

Phone +41 43 344 65 04
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Carmen Fehr